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Toy Wagon Wheels

If you're hunting for a classic german wooden childs Wagon with metal wheels, this one is the one for you! With a stylish metal frame and age-resistant wood trim, it's uncomplicated to see why this Toy Wagon gives been a popular favorite of children for years, more importantly, it's a terrific choice for a person hunting for a ratings and reviews of old-fashioned, quality-inch Toy cars and wagons.

Kids Wagon Wheels

This kidswagon Wheels are made of wood and are in top-rated condition, they are about 12 inch Wheels with around the edge. They are currently ready to add a little extra excitement and fun to your kid's life, this is a splendid vintage Toy Wagon wheel for a young child to play with. The wheel presents two small chips in it but it is still largely functional, the ground sheet is not very long but is still functional. The Wheels are dented but still functional, there is one small chip in the wheel but it is still functional. The Wagon is likewise generally functioning including the two missing wheel, this is a first-class addition to a child's arsenal of Toy products. This is a radio Wagon from the 1920 it is an old Wagon wheel, the rubber Wheels are missing from the front and back of the wagon. The front wheel is missing, the back wheel is missing. The wheel is missing all together, the Wagon is in good condition but may have some tears and losses. This is a vintage auto wheel coaster caddy for a child, the caddy is filled with Toy wood Wheels and axles, and there are Toy Wagon Wheels on each side. The caddy is about 10" wide x 6"tall x 1"bridge height, the caddy is fabricated of durable wood, and the Toy Wheels and axles are rust-free. The caddy is filled with joy for a family.