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Circus Wagon 5 Cent Stamp

This Circus Wagon extends a beneficial deal on! You can get it for just 2451 dollars, that's right, only 2451 dollars for a good, sturdy don't miss out on this one.

Circus Wagon 5 Cent Stamp Value

This scott 2452 Circus Wagon is a sensational value! It is only 5 Cent Stamp value, and it is still in unequaled condition, this Wagon was purchased by scott from a dealer in the city. This is a rare 1992 5- 3000 stewart-tonalroll Circus Wagon Stamp set, the set is complete with all 5 stamps. The stamps are in original condition and have an 2000-year patina, the Circus Wagon is around 12. 5 inches wide and extends a cantle and the bike stand is original, the stamping is good on all 5 stamps. The front cover is missing a corner of the Stamp and the back cover offers a small crack, the stamping is overall good. Ben franklin asks a simple question about how many stamps there are in the united states and the answer is, "we don't really need another stamp, " he is concerned that the 5-cent Stamp will be gone in the future and wants to avoid any possible problem. The Circus Wagon 5 Cent Stamp is an unique Stamp that is designed to add value to stem cards and other 1/2"x1" items, the Stamp offers brown and Wagon designs on a dark Stamp paper. The 5 Cent Stamp is an unique and first-class alternative to add value to stem cards and other 1/2"x1" items.