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Wagoneer Drop Pitman Arm

This product is adrop Arm for ford bronco 4 wd 6602, perfect for a shopper scouring for a basic and comfortable surrogate to move cargo, this Arm is top-notch for an 3-6 ton vehicle.

Jeep Wagoneer Pitman Arm

This product includes an Arm 1 Drop for the jeep cherokee Wagoneer with power steering, this Drop Arm is needed for the jeep wagon Arm 5605 it is 602 long, and it is valued at $7. This is a peerless opportunity to have a Drop that can help with removing the simmer and rocks from the roads, the Arm presents an u-bend that allows the to gently push the simmer and rocks away from the vehicle. The Arm as well weather-sealed and imparts a safety knot, the Arm is designed to provide a lower center of gravity for the vehicle. It is assumed that users have normal shoulder and elbow width when starting from scratch, the Arm should be at least 30 degrees from the vertical. This Arm type is designed to be used in a Drop pit with no room to turn, the Arm is expected to experience up to 420 lbs. When in use, it is important to keep the shoulder width and elbow corrected.