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Cast Iron Wagon Wheels

This is a sterling opportunity to purchase a vintage Cast Iron Wagon that is on sale, the Wagon Wheels are white horse black revving wheels. This Wagon is a terrific deal on it's own or as a gift.

Cast Iron Wagon Wheels Amazon

This is a practical opportunity to have an Iron toys Wagon Wheels for sale, these Wheels are in peerless condition and are being offered at a discounted price. They are old Wheels and are from a cart truck, this vehicle is from the 50's and is used for transportation. It renders a nice look and feel to it, this is a top-rated opportunity to add a little bit of color and style to your otherwise traditional Cast Iron toys vehicle. These Wheels are wooden, but the Wheels are also long lasting, these Wheels are exceptional way for a home or office. They are straightforward to clean and are unrivaled asset for your vehicle, this is a Cast Iron Wagon wheel 6 34 wide table cart Wheels spoked rustic toy. It is 4 in by 6 in and is manufactured of strong Cast iron, the Wheels are exceptional size for small carts or wagons. There are some random spoked rustic toy details on the wheel including a wear markings and an unique spoked wheel logo, the Wheels are spoked, which makes this Wagon even more beautiful. The Wheels are f paved, which gives the Wagon even more power, the Cast Iron is beautiful and sturdy. The fireman dressings are also a beautiful red, which is enhancing the wagon's look even more.